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We stand up for  the protection and restoration of our living world by campaigning with key decision-makers in order to affect positive law and policy reform



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The future of our oceans

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A single blue whale creates vocalisations that are louder than a jet plane. But there is something that could soon rival the loudest voice in the animal kingdom.


There is a plan to build the largest mine in human history that will use gigantic machines to suck up the seabed with incredible force.


And the worst part is that this mining operation will be a guessing game. Deep-sea mining technology is almost completely untested.


So, all we can rely on are the predictions made by scientists. They predict that these machines could cause multiple species extinctions and threaten ecosystems that are crucial for storing carbon.

Sign the petition to say no to deep sea mining.

Thanks to your incredible support, this petition almost has 250,000 signatures! Only One will be delivering this open letter to world leaders on Thursday, March 2nd, at the Our Ocean Conference.

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