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We stand up for  the protection and restoration of our living world by campaigning with key decision-makers in order to effect positive law and policy reform



Join the most important movement of our generation.

When the world was faced with the threat of nuclear, we created the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. 

When the ozone layer began to deplete, the world came together to create the Montreal Protocol.

Now, the world needs to come together once again. The burning of fossil fuels is an existential threat to humanity and our living world. The UN Chief says that we have now entered an 'era of global boiling'. 

It is time to create a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. It is time for a fossil free future.

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Let's get to 700,000 endorsements!



The Paris Agreement doesn’t mention fossil fuels. COP27 outcome didn’t mention oil and gas. It’s time for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty.

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Sign the letter to urge the United Nations and the ISA to place a pause on deep sea mining.


It is hard to imagine a single place on Earth that is not impacted by our plastic consumption. 


This crisis is fuelled by the oil giants that are pushing for more plastic consumption so that they can continue to make record profits. 

It is clear that recycling is not a comprehensive solution, so we need to tackle this crisis at its source. We need a strong Global Plastics Treaty that addresses the entire life cycle of plastics.

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Let's get to 150,000 signatures!

A single blue whale creates vocalisations that are louder than a jet plane. But there is something that could soon rival the loudest voice in the animal kingdom.


Mining companies are turning to one of the only places on Earth that has been untouched by humans - the deep sea. Soon, giant, noisy machines could start sucking up nodules on the sea floor, threatening ecosystems that are crucial for biodiversity and carbon storage.

And the worst part?

Deep sea mining is a guessing game. Deep-sea mining technology is almost completely untested.


Add your name to the official letter to place a pause on deep-sea mining, and it will be delivered to United Nations and International Seabed Authority Leaders.

Let's get to 350,000 signatures!



Tell our world leaders that we need a strong Global Plastic Treaty to tackle the plastics crisis.

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