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Meet Kylie from @climateresilienceproject

This week, our EarthAlly is Kylie from @climateresilienceproject !

EarthlyEducation: "What drew you to the environmental movement?"

Kylie: "I've been drawn to environmental action spaces for as long as I can remember, but my once-siloed understanding of environmental issues really began expanding around the age of 14, as I began organizing with folks who were working to identify potential sources of cancer clusters in my community.

I lived in a county with one of the highest breast cancer rates in the world- so many people that I loved were impacted by the disease.

When I started becoming aware of the connection between cancer rates and the toxic pollution being spewed throughout the community and neighboring communities, namely from petroleum refineries and styrofoam manufacturing, my eyes began opening to the infinite ways in which extractive industry has inflicted harm around the world- upon the land, water, and skies, our human and more-than-human kind, and of course, the generations to come."

EarthlyEducation: "What is @climateresilienceproject?"

Kylie: "There are so many folks building blueprints for genuinely impactful, liberatory climate solutions, and it's a joy to craete a teeny corner of the Internet to celebrate and center those ideas."

"I'm tired of conversations about electric vehicles and carbon markets. Instead, I'm interested in strategies that help keep our communities safe, accelerate liberation and healing for all and mitigate the climate crisis, all without perpetuating the very power structures and behaviors that got us into this mess in the first place."

EarthlyEducation: "What's your advice for someone looking to get into the climate movement?"

Kylie: "There's no singular climate action blueprint; it can and should take infinite forms."

Thank you for reading about @climateresilienceproject & we hope you check out Kylie's work! Stay tuned for next week's Earth Ally!

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