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Meet Indian environmentalist, Urmika Saboo!

Who are you and how did you end up founding World For Now?

I’m Urmika Saboo, an environmentalist and an idealist. World For Now started with a selfish motive to keep myself updated with climate news and info. I never looked at it as a page to get something out of except knowledge but due to the extremely amazing response from the community that automatically formed around the page, I decided to make my content more engaging and user-driven!

What are the main signs of the environment/climate crisis in India?

Delhi beat its all time highest temperature record (90 year record), agriculture gets hit with unpredictable rainfalls, people dying due to air pollution (in lakhs), wildlife depletion was a major issue in India and will be till its completely regulated. Major cutting, mining, drilling, fossil fuel usage, lack of solid policy implementations can be seen as some of the major signs- not to forget that our population living in coastal areas can be wiped out due to the sea level rise.

What keeps you motivated in this movement?

I think I genuinely love my planet. It sounds cliché but when you truly appreciate nature, it gives you so much in return. Also, It hurts me to see wildlife disappearing, forests getting wiped out without any emotions or second thoughts. The second thought counts and we need to bring that change in our mindsets.

Do you have much hope that we can address the climate/enviro crisis?

I believe in youth mobilisation and I feel like the decision makers should not be given the power to make decisions anymore. There needs to be something more than an organisation and/or body to get things going.

What does a world that has addressed the climate/enviro crisis look like to you?

A peaceful, empathetic and a mindful world. Where environment and social impact are given more value than our economy.

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