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Meet Sarah Humphrys of Aimhi Earth!

What is your role within the climate space?

I am a co-founder and the COO (Chief Operating Officer) at AimHi Earth, the education-to-action organisation on a mission to activate nature-first thinkers to combat the climate and nature crisis. We curate transformative, learning experiences for organisations and people, to build a just society led by intelligence, curiosity and compassion. We do this by bringing together the expertise of top-level scientists, behavioural psychologists, expert communicators, impactful designers and captivating storytellers.

My role is extremely varied but is primarily focused on the day-to-day ‘spinning of plates’ at AimHi Earth.

Why did you first get involved with climate work, including with AimHi Earth?

I'm a Conservationist by training with a background in anthropology – my passion is delving into cross-cultural relationships with the rest of nature and talking to people about the environment. In fact, my master’s thesis was looking at traditional folk lore in Madagascar and how this links to biodiversity conservation. So I actually entered into the ‘climate space’ via the biodiversity or ‘nature’ route.

The recognition that ‘nature’ is at the centre of all of this is integral to our thinking at AimHi Earth: Not only are climate change and nature loss totally interlinked (in their impacts but also in their solutions) – but more than that, we are part of nature, we are totally reliant upon it and it is totally reliant upon us. Without the rest of nature, we are totally lost. By supporting nature and natural ecosystems, we can start to ensure the healthy, green, liveable future that we all deserve. Nature is key!

What does being a good pro-climate-action person mean to you?

It means trying your best.

It means taking those little (imperfect) steps everyday to make a positive difference.

It means talking about it with your friends, with your colleagues, with your barista – we can reshape the narrative (from doom and gloom and worry) by taking part in the narrative (to action and positivity and solidarity).

It means holding onto hope.

Who or what inspires you to be a better pro-climate-action person?

The AimHi Earth Climate Community of those taking part in our learning experiences encourages me that we’re not alone. It’s a small but active Facebook group of outraged but optimistic changemakers, taking positive pro-climate action and supporting each other every day. (Get in touch if you’d like to join in!)

Also, shout out to my grandma, ‘Nanna Pam’, who recently changed her electricity supplier to renewable sources and wrote a heartfelt and handwritten letter to our local MP urging him to do more and act with urgency.

What is one thing you think the world needs to be doing more or less of, to better address the climate crisis?

Less: ‘Inactivism’, bickering, ecocide.

More: Intersectionality, plant-based treats, asking ourselves, “yes – but what’s the impact on nature?”


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